Friday, September 29, 2017

MAP healthwatch: Watch that monitors, analyze and predict your health status

Since the first wave of wearables hit the market, everyone is excited about the impact these devices have on improving the healthcare industry. We have seen Fitbits, Jawbones and others in the market but, these were not medical device and clinicians knew that a break is yet to come.

Well, MAP healthwatch is about to hit the market soon. MAP watch is a medical sensor that is CE and FDA certified that continuously analyze 7 vital parameters that can most commonly predict life threatening diseases. The watch has 5 separate sensors that measures blood pressure, ECG, Heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, stress and galvanic skin response.

The sensors include PPG sensor with 2 different color LED, 4 contact ECG (Einthoven I lead), Skin conductivity, Skin temperature and 3-axis accelerometer.

MAP was designed, invented and tested by a group of dedicated doctors, engineers and designers from all across the globe.

Each watch is personalized to individual needs. The medical team records the personal medical history, risk factors and inputs the data to customize the watch. Your vital data is continuously recorded on a secure server and evaluated based on medical algorithms. A team of doctors will analyze the data and the person gets regular advice about medical and lifestyle management to lead a healthier life.

This is giant leap of technology on the “life alert” and “cardiac sensors” wearables that are in the market currently.

The watch has a panic button to deal with any kind of medical emergency, if the wearer presses the button he gets assisted by a medical team 24/7.

There is a mobile app for MAP and is compatible with Android and iOS platform.

Being a medical device has not compromised the look of the MAP watch. It’s very aesthetically designed and can be worn every day as a regular watch. It comes is several different colors and available in man and woman size. Its battery lasts for 24 hours without recharging in between.

It can also be worn during any of the fitness activity and will track and monitor the necessary data.

MAP is currently available on preorder and it will hit the regular market in a week.


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