Monday, February 6, 2017

Novel Cesarean Section Scalpel that increases fetal safety during surgery unveiled.

Sureglide cesarean scalpel 

Ecomed Solutions, developer and manufacturers of unique healthcare solutions unveiled its Sureglide™ Cesarean scalpel at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s 37th Annual Pregnancy Meeting in Las Vegas.

The scalpel has got superior ergonomics and protected blade design that is meant to protect fetuses, surgeons and other staff of operating room against cuts and lacerations.

It was designed by engineers and ob-gyn together, keeping in mind to eliminate fetal skull lacerations during C-sections. The device houses a protected blade that cuts up and away from the fetus. The handle offers same grip as traditional scalpel, but greater control and at the same time protecting the fetus and surgeon both.

David Yurek CEO of Ecomed solutions termed it as“a unique safety device specifically designed for C-sections.”

The concepts were developed by using clay to model the scalpel transferring to a 3D CAD modeling software to use 3D printing technology to create a prototype.

“The most stressful aspect of a delivery for every doctor is getting the baby out safely,” explained Dr. Andrea Wolfe, a top-rated ob-gyn practitioner based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and medical consultant for Sureglide. “Just like the mother and father, we invest 9 months in preparing for the most precious moment of a family’s life. With Sureglide, a doctor is assured that every risk is managed right up to the last moment in pregnancy.”

In US. The current C-section rate  is 30%,  which also increases the number of fetal injuries, which according to data from  National Institutes of Health (NIH)  occurs in 3% of cases .Most often the babies face, cheek or ear is under the hysterotomy scar.

A video of how Sureglide  works can be seen at the company's site. Click here to watch the demonstration video. 


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